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Teams and public research areas

The Oncopole, a campus widely dedicated to the fight against cancer, brings together many research teams in Toulouse. This unprecedented pooling born of new initiatives, encouraged by the multidisciplinary skills and diversity of research areas.

In brief

The Oncopole, place of scientific convergence, stimulates the discovery of new therapeutics.

Public research, private research, joint research units...

Oncopole is a scientific focal point.

The proximity of research teams on the site is in favor of greater efficiency: meetings, sharing of expertise, shared resources, high reactivity.

Trades and disciplines, from different scientific universe, interact to bring out a more efficient research.





« In oncology, the global challenges of the next ten years include the onset detection and individualized treatment of each cancer, but also the eradication of tumor resistance. Technology research and healthcare is installed on Oncopole Toulouse will respond to it.  »

Jean-Jacques FOURNIE
Director of CRCT