Research Units

United in location

This is a first in Europe. Caregivers, academics, government researchers, private researchers and entrepreneurs all in one place, focusing their efforts to fight cancer. This concentration of resources and means is used to fulfill three objectives so that patients receive the faster and latest innovations :

The fundamental mechanisms of cancer New strategies for healthcare and research By the transfer of therapeutic discoveries to bedside

Public and private actors in the same place: a strategic presence

The presence of professionals from the pharmaceutical industry - Sanofi, Pierre Fabre Laboratoires, Cyclopharma - alongside public research laboratories, is the originality of Oncopole Toulouse.This presence enables:

  • To promote scientific exchanges,
  • To accelerate research
  •  To enhance the fundamental discoveries.

An alliance of research and healthcare

Aside from diagnostic services and healthcare, the academic research laboratories: Inserm, Toulouse III University - Paul Sabatier, CNRS, INSA, EFS unite around the common medical and scientific project.

1500 public and private researchersIncluding 180 academics80 Inserm,