ITAV Technological resources

These facilities are made available to the public (laboratories and EPST) as private actors (startups nurseries, SME...). If ITAV research teams rely on these technological resources, they also enrich their potential through their research on these tools. These resources complement existing ones spread among Toulouse laboratories and GenoToul platforms.

Photonic imaging resources 

Available instruments allow 3-dimensional imaging of molecular at the small animal scale. These technologies can cover a wide variety of applications to meet researchers' need from different scientific communities on a wide variety of biological models.
The equipment consists of a wide range of optical microscopes:

   - Biphoton microscope equipped with right and reversed tripods.
   - Wide scope Microscopes, video microscope, MacroFluo ...
   - SPIM Microscope (selective/single plane illumination microscope).

Close collaborations between biologists, physicists, mathematicians and computer specialists in optics and image analysis but also with industrial partners, helping development drive and thus have the latest technological advances in three dimensions imaging.

Bionanotechnology resources 

ITAV has facilities for the exploring of live objects topology at nanometer resolution, to probe the physical properties of the living (mechanical, chemical, receptor-ligand interactions ...), and manipulate the living at sub-micron scale, offering access to 2 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) coupled with fluorescence microscopy in liquid environment.
These technologies also allow to correlate single molecule spectroscopy data with group data obtained by methods such as Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), quartz microbalance (QCM).Also available, the SPR multiplexed system (SPR-i), unique, capable of measuring nearly 1,000 spots in parallel, QCM system for the collecting natural energy-related information on biomolecules.   Finally, this platform provides access to soft lithography techniques, which allow localized functionalization of specific media to areas of Life Sciences

Resources in Chemistry

We offer services of Chemistry automated parallel synthesis: new modes of generation of molecular diversity: 

  1. Design and synthesis of therapeutic molecules in relation to the (rational drug design) post genomic data in the field of cancer, neurodegenerative, infectious, parasitic diseases.  
  2. "Automated" responses: selection of important reactions of molecular diversity creation (conventional syntheses, microwave syntheses ...) and automated processes research.

Contacts - In charge of technological resources:
Childérick SEVERAC (bionanotechnology) /
Mathieu DANEL (Chemistry) /
Jacques Rouquette (Imaging)
Platform Imaging Manager