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The public health platform

The Regional Cancer Centre is a place that hosts the Oncomip network and platform for public health. Reduce inequalities in healthcare access is a cross-cutting themes of Cancer Plan 2009-2013. The IUCT-Oncopole, in line with its mission, commits itself and provides, for this purpose, a platform dedicated to public health. Its name, the Regional Cancer Centre, hosts Oncomip, the Tarn Registry and the public health platform.

Why a platform for public health?

Public health platform creates a link between the IUCT-Oncopole, the Region and its population. Thanks to its position at the crossroads of caregivers, health professionals and patients, and consistent with the research-healthcare continuum, it organizes public health in three dimensions: healthcare, prevention and research. Approach to health events as varied and as detailed as possible, the public health platform uses profiles for diverse and complementary skills.

Varied fields of action and of investigation

Analysis and fight against social inequalities require observation of the population in its behavior towards the disease over time. A multidisciplinary approach, different actions and investigations will be conducted with the following objectives:

  • Develop in the field of oncology, actions and research in public health and epidemiology,
  • Facilitate and promote research and actions in public,
  • Create a regional dynamics for the dissemination of knowledge, the implementation of general population studies, the application of knowledge and access to innovations in terms of prevention in the general population.

The Public Health Platform brings together multidisciplinary expertise to analyze, anticipate and combat social inequalities in cancer in the general population. This structure will develop, welcome students, researchers and academics from various disciplines.

A structure that provides scientific, methodological and statistical support

The public health platform does not finance projects in which it participates but it helps upstream establishing protocols submitted to tenders and downstream to the projects by contributing in tools and technical skills. The platform brings together various entities whose roles are defined and complementary:

  • Regional Group of Research in Public Health (GRRSP): in charge of the methodological support and coordination for all that relates to the specificities of public health research,
  • The Support Unit for Research Methodology (USMR), in charge of statistical and methodological support data management for the development and monitoring of clinical and fundamental research protocols
  • The Medical Information Department (MID) for the strategic analysis of medical activity
  • The Oncomip Network via its practices evaluation group



« The presence of Oncomip's headquarters in the IUCT-Oncopole guarantees the site's opening on the region and pools together public and private establishments in the areas of healthcare, research and the innovation. »

Dr. Rosine Guimbaud, President of Oncomip.


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