The management of patient

On the IUCT Oncopole site, patients’ healthcare is comprehensive and equitable, regardless of his place of residence or treatment. Diagnostic platforms, therapeutic and supportive healthcare are accessible to all, in a favorable environment, for the well-being of patient and caregivers.

Diagnosis and medical management

The Outpatient Diagnostic Center and Multidisciplinary Assessment of IUCT-Oncopole offers the patient consultation healthcare and day hospital. It has, on the same site and in the shortest possible time, of all opinions, reviews and information required for pathology diagnosis and proposed healthcare plan. This healthcare plan established during a multidisciplinary meeting, direct the patient to the IUC or to other supported actors. This multidisciplinary meeting is attended by specialists of the disease, the treating physician if the patient wishes and different disciplines required for the healthcare and support of the patient.

The IUCT-Oncopole concerns center on the person

The IUCT-Oncopole has been designed to provide patients with personalized and innovative healthcare in a chosen environment. In its forms, materials, designed services, the IUCT Oncopole promotes optimal relationship between the patient and the medical team. In addition, IUCT-Oncopole strives to individualize healthcare, improve the quality of the patient's life, anticipate the consequences of treatment, as well as the reintegration and rehabilitation issues.
The presence on-site of patient associations, the League against Cancer, a rich and adapted support offer, allowing patients and their families to consider this fight more serenely and in better conditions.

The SADIR: actor in patient support

The implementation since June 2012 of SADIR Assistance on campus stems from a social and societal project initiated in consultation with the partners of the Oncopole. Its works includes the rehabilitation of the patient and the fight against the loneliness caused by the disease. SADIR Assistance shares the vision developed around the Oncopole of a streamlined hospitalization, shorter and easier to live.

The social environment as a healing factor

SADIR Assistance's contribution to the enlargement of the range of services offered to the patients bears the ambition to foster home support and thus promote the possibility for the patient to be kept within his social environment. This is in effect a determining factor in the healing process.

SADIR assistance is more than just a supplier. Beyond the treatment in itself, it offers a transverse support of the patient, based on nutrition, sport but also on psychological and social monitoring. In parallel, SADIR association invests in the promotion of culture as a factor in rehabilitation of patients in a social life.


« Near the Cancer University Institute of Toulouse Oncopole, the on-campus presence of SADIR symbolizes the continuity of healthcare for patients with malignant disease. Research, healthcare, and support with appropriate care at home by SADIR if necessary »

M. Michel SAES,
Director of SADIR Assistance.






« The quality of healthcare and support for patients and their families are the foundation of our daily actions. Therapeutic advances require the involvement of many professionals around the patient.  In this context, caregivers are committed to constantly adapt their practices, develop their skills and to ensure proper healthcare coordination inside and outside of the hospital.  These are the values ​​that the Claudius Regaud Institute wants to share with all of the IUCT-Oncopole teams. »

Marie BOMBAIL, Healthcare Director.