Toulouse Tech Transfer: SATT Midi-Pyrénées

Toulouse Tech Transfer is the Acceleration Technology Transfer Company (SATT) of Midi-Pyrénées. Created in early 2012 under the Future Investments Programme, TTT is in charge of the exclusivity and development of its shareholders' intellectual property (IP), of the CNRS and the institutions of the PRES Université - Toulouse. Its mission: create value and economic impact on the results of regional public research.

Projects maturation: the heart of TTT

TTT values, through technology transfer, results from regional research laboratories. The company ensures the management of maturation projects by investing on the results the most promising public research to bring them to a level of maturity that is attractive for companies, and in particular SMEs.

Toulouse Tech Transfer intervenes throughout the maturation chain, for :

- Identify and protect inventions, including patents.

- Develop and finance proofs of concept and prototypes.

- Transfer innovations to the business world in the form of a license agreement or startup creation.

TTT: How to operate?


TTT controls these aspects of maturation by mobilizing its own financial and human resources,. It recruits engineers who develop proof of concept, with the scientific support of academic teams. By investing in the riskiest phases of innovation, TTT enables clients to turn their capital towards industrialization and commercialization. Indeed, SME, VSEs and startups are its prime targets.

TTT's originality is not to wait to have these proofs of concept to go to and meet business. Starting from a business need, it clearly increases the relevance of the developed proof of concept. TTT normally pays by charges to operations: its interest is inseparable from that of the company.

Toulouse Tech Transfer: an economic boost

TTT helps companies to use the results of public research for innovation. It strives to increase the prospects of the market for innovations to improve the competitiveness of SMEs.   The transfer of matured technologies (proof of concept or prototype) also improves the possibilities of fundraising companies to investors by reducing the risk of product development.



« Participating in the valorization of research work on the Oncopole site fully enters TTS's missions as a local actor of technology transfer. The alliance of the Oncopole's strategic partners (researchers, clinicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, funders) is a real driver for developing new strategies for the benefit of the patient.»

Delphine PUERTOLAS , Toulouse Tech Transfer Health Division