The resource center

The Biological Resource Centre of the Cancer University Institute of Toulouse (CRB-IUC) gathers pathological collections of biological samples (cells, blood, urine, nucleic acids ...) and related information (clinical data, data ...). The CRB-IUC ensures the collection, preparation, storage and provision of samples.

The objectives of the CRB-IUC

The objectives of the CRB-IUC are:

  1. Health: conservation makes samples available for further analysis. These exams are conducted in the short or long term (taking into account scientific advances) for reliable diagnosis, prognosis or support, considering the treatment when targeted therapy exists.
  2. Scientist: some samples stored in the CRB are available to researchers wishing to conduct research programs on cancer. These programs aim to better characterize the different types of tumors and ultimately develop new treatments.

The CRB-IUC will be located within the Cancer University Institute-Oncopole and gather three CRB currently existing on Toulouse:

  • "cancer" CRB CHU Toulouse 
  • The CRB of the Claudius Regaud Institute 

The CRB-IUC Missions 

Missions CRB-IUC are based on three complementary areas:

  1. Provide support for quality of biological resources (collection, preparation, storage) while ensuring their traceability 
  2. Encourage the collections, providing clear rules of access and samples with associated clinical and biological data 
  3. Ensure the protection of patients by respecting bioethics laws and regulations, information, systematic collection of consent, and ethical use of samples

The CRB-IUC operation 

Currently, each CRB manages samples of different nature (see table below).
Samples are collected within the framework of the various sites of Toulouse healthcare continuum and via healthcare facilities in Occitanie with the Regional Biobank (see box below).
Thanks to this pooling of resources, the CRB-IUC may propose collections of sufficient size for scientific teams involved in research projects of national or international scope.


- Lymphoma
- Melanomas
- Colorectal Neoplasms
- Brain Tumors
- Bone Tumors
- Lung Tumors
- Prostatic Neoplasms
- Gynecological tumors

- Breast Tumors
- ENT tumors
- Skin Tumors
- Gynecological tumors
- Soft tissue tumors

- Hematologic malignancies
- Myeloma

AFNOR NF S 96-900 Certifications Current (early 2014) N ° 2012/43160 of 22-03-2012 In progress
People in charge

Prof. P. Brousset
PR A. Brouchet

Dr . Rochaix Prof. E. Delabesse

Note: the three CRB registered their activities and are allowed to sell their biological resources within research projects.

The display of biological resources and documents made available are accessible by scientists looking at the virtual tumor bank of Southwest Cancéropôle


Regional tumor bank of Occitanie

Occitanie, conservation of biological samples is managed by the CRBs.
To provide access to this service to all institutions of Occitanie, Oncomip - in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the CRB CHU and ICR - has established regional tumor bank.
This organization enables the delivery of samples to the CRB CUI.
Every patient, regardless of where his treatment takes place in the Midi-Pyrenees, may benefit from additional analysis conducted by the regional platform for molecular pathology. These analyzes are elements that will improve the diagnosis, prognosis and provide a more effective treatment.
It is possible, in a second phase, with the consent of the patient, to use samples collected in the framework of regional tumor bank for research programs.