© photothèque cnrs Fresillon Cyril

© photothèque cnrs Fresillon Cyril

©Photothèque cnrs Fresillon Cyril

Technology platforms at the Cancer University Institute of Toulouse Oncopole

The University Cancer Institute of Toulouse - Oncopole is equipped with diagnostic and therapeutic techniques platforms with the latest technologies, research and innovation equipment.

The IUCT-Oncopole allows to create a momentum towards innovation:

  • Ensure healthcare quality.
  • Provide access to therapeutic innovation.
  • All departments and technical platforms have a research mission to at least a national level.
  • Welcome new physicians and researchers on strong and selected topics with an international Scientific Council.



  • A key to the optimization of care lies in the availability of biological tissue or tumor in which the tumor-specific molecular abnormalities will serve as a basis for therapeutic and monitoring.
  • The IUCT-Oncopole has a pathology, molecular biology, and cancer genetics platform (with possible access to private regional structures)
  • The IUCT-Oncopole working close with research laboratories working on these issues on tissue culture and animal tumors


Technical platforms of IUCT-Oncopole shall include:

  • An operating unit with 7 rooms and 2 brachytherapy rooms,
  • An intensive care and monitoring unit,
  • A technical radiotherapy platform (7 bunkers): Radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, ...,
  • A nuclear medicine and brachytherapy technical platform,
  • A medical diagnosis imaging platform,
  • a biology lab,
  • A pathology service, 
  • A platform of virtual microscopy
  • A specialized oncology pharmacy,
  • A cell therapy platform via the French Blood Establishment on the site.
  • A consultation platform: 70,000 consultations per year
  • Anatomopathology Department : 100 people
  • Radiotherapy department: 6 devices offering all modern improvements
  • Imaging department: radiology, breast radio imaging, nuclear medicine
  • Pharmacy: chemotherapy preparation, pharmacology